We are The Children of the Nile
Our Story

In the Spring of 2004, TCON’s Co-Founder, Dave McPherson, traveled to Africa in the hope of offering resources and care to the countries’ countless women and youth impacted by the decades-long civil war, the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the notorious cattle hustlers known locally as the Karamajong. After living in Uganda for nearly a year, Dave was introduced to Beatrice Omese, a woman whose personal story and vision for the women of Uganda opened Dave’s eyes and mind to the possibility of developing an organization committed to social change rather than remaining content to simply treat the symptoms of poverty and oppression. At the time of their introduction, Beatrice had single-handedly assembled an faith-based organization focused upon community empowerment consisting 400 widows. Lacking any substantial financial support, these widows were struggling to find hope for their circumstances.

When Dave began to explore the possibility of developing an organization committed to assisting these women and their children, he presented the idea to his brother, Mark McPherson, an exceptionally successful businessman interested in utilizing his business sense as well as his financial resources in social entrepreneurship. In a mere six years since the birth of The Children of the Nile the organization has supported nearly 100,000 women and an estimated half a million children by providing the necessary resources to launch agricultural business initiatives, better access to health and palliative care, educational support for the youth and orphans of the region and through hosting conferences and training opportunities to strengthen community networking and development.

After the initial years of trial and error and surviving the common growing pains endured by many social sector organizations, TCON has laid a solid foundation and has an attainable vision for the future. The needs in this region of the world seem inexhaustible at times, but we have discovered that given the opportunity and equipped with the necessary resources, these women have the potential to become change agents for their entire families as well as their respective communities. As an organization we are hopeful that others will be equally compelled to join the FIGHT on behalf of this vulnerable population of the world so that we can continue to reach even more women and children.