The Children of the Nile is an aid and development organization that exists to fight poverty and cultivate hope for future generations in Uganda. We facilitate sustainable change by providing women and their children in post-conflict settings with the tools and resources to move from crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency.


TCON identifies vulnerable populations across northern Uganda and works to achieve:
  • Improved food security through self-sustaining agricultural development
  • Income generation through investments and microloans for entrepreneurial and small business opportunities
  • Empowerment for marginalized groups within communities by supporting the growth of healthy social networks
  • Community and individual rehabilitation from the impact of trauma through psychosocial services

Agricultural Initiatives

TCON’s largest investment to date has been in the area of agriculture. We work strategically with local organizations to identify women who are struggling to establish food security for their families in post-conflict settings. Registered groups are eligible to receive seed, farming implements and appropriate agricultural training. TCON works with local leadership and partner organizations to track the success of farming groups and provide additional resources to achieve self-sustainability. Since our initial work with farmers in Teso region, TCON has sponsored over 150,000 farmers in Uganda across Teso, Lango, and Acholi regions.


TCON Healthcare Initiatives

TCON constructed a 15,000 square foot facility designed to provide palliative care for 120 patients in an effort to offer the highest standards of care and to restore dignity to the acutely sick and terminally ill widows registered with TCON. Our objective is to provide holistic (physical, spiritual, psychological and social) care for these women in the terminal stages of life. In a region of the world where the stigma of being a widow leads to unprovoked abuse and discrimination, offering this care goes beyond restoring dignity to elevating the social status of these women. We are also in the process of establishing a clinic whereby medical care will be available to the entire community. Project C.U.R.E. has performed a needs assessment on our facility and are currently compiling necessary equipment and supplies to donate to our hospice in 2011.


TCON Education Initiatives

TCON is committed to providing access to education for orphans and children. Beyond providing resources such as book fees, school supplies and uniforms, TCON is in the beginning stages of developing a teacher exchange program where teachers from different regions of the world will come together to collaborate on educational issues related to poverty-affected children in an effort to make a difference in the world.


Community Devlopment - Widows' Hospice

Community Development

In 2005, The Children of the Nile constructed and donated a 7,000 square foot conference center to TEWIDI, an affiliate Ugandan non-profit organization committed to connecting and empowering widowed women throughout the country. Currently, TCON sponsors 12 conferences hosted by TEWIDI each year where tens of thousands of widowed women are given an opportunity to network and connect with other women contenting with similar issues. At these conferences the women participate in educational seminars, receive medical attention and pharmaceutical supplies, and have access to other community resources provided by local and international affiliate organizations.

Other community development projects have included the construction and donation of a youth gymnasium, the sponsorship of an educational radio program broadcasted throughout five different districts as well as delivering donated goods to various IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) Camps where hundreds of thousands are still struggling to survive.