"One who sees something good must narrate it."

- Ugandan Proverb

When we share about our strategy to empower women with tools to farm effectively, many people ask- ‘Why does an organization called “The Children of the Nile” partner with women in farming, rather than directly with kids?’ Quite simply, in order to reach a child and impact the future generations in Uganda, it is a woman who is the vehicle.

Access to seed is a treasured gift for these women. It is the most immediate way they can begin creating for themselves the means to stand on their own and provide for those in their care: Farming. The symbol of seed, though, is also not lost on these women. A single seed is a picture of the possibility of new life springing up out of nearly nothing: Hope.

More than anything, I remember believing that while that day had marked my story forever, it also shouldn’t define me. That’s the thing about experiencing trauma- we can clearly see the power it has to reshape our entire lives, but we generally refuse to give it permission to control who we will become. But such a conviction is one that those who suffer trauma have to wrestle with deeply, and often for a very long time.